Product Display
The company is driven by quality manufacturing and diversified trade, focusing on the production of advanced, environmentally friendly, and reusable socket type buckle type scaffolding
System advantages
/ Strong industrial advantages
Realize a one-stop fully automated and visualized production process, ensuring product quality, shortening processing cycles, ensuring timely delivery, and reducing customer procurement costs.
/ Leading production equipment and powerful testing department
To ensure the safety of the project and ensure that customers have no worries.
/ Professional sales system
Listen carefully, respond quickly, and provide customers with system solutions.
/ A powerful logistics system
Professional logistics delivery makes customers more worry free and at ease.
/ A strong financial leasing system
We will take every customer's request seriously until they are satisfied.
CIEC Lianjiang
Integrated industry and trade services for socket type buckle type scaffolding

CIEC Group specializes in domestic and international iron and steel trade, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, as well as non-ferrous products and materials. It is a state-owned company affiliated with the Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group and the total amount of registered currency was approximately US$1,000 million. In 2023, the CIEC Groups annual trading volume reached 64.96 million tons and generated an annual revenue of US$ 26,000 million. For six consecutive years, the company was ranked in the top two of "China's Top 100 Steel Trading Enterprises".

Nature of Business
  • Customization and Production
    Equipped with advanced automation equipment, we can provide customized production services for different types of scaffolding products
  • Machining
    Having the qualification for hot-dip galvanized buckle scaffolding, processing with incoming materials, providing full service, and worry free management
  • Sales
    Purchase scaffolding and provide targeted design solutions to meet the diverse needs of different industries
  • Lease
    A comprehensive leasing system, providing diversified leasing solutions to meet the demands of different fields such as architecture, municipal roads and bridges, rail transit, energy and chemical industry, aviation and shipbuilding industry, and large-sc
  • Delivery
    Having a strong logistics system, professional delivery solutions, multi branch layout, and balancing demand across different segments
  • Detection
    Introducing third-party testing mechanisms to ensure worry free quality throughout the entire process
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